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Conducted more than 500 Motivational seminars across the globe for More than 500 Corporate Companies such as TCS, Air India, Motorola, Konkan Railway, Global Telesystems, Castrol India, Sahara Centaur, DBS Group, Shaadi.com, The Times of India.
Recently Conducted a motivational seminar called, 'Never say No' for the employees of ICICI BANK - PAN INDIA and achieved stupendous success in Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata and Mumbai!
More than 76,000 copies of the book "The First Four Seconds" Sold! ALSO More than 1,00,000 individuals Trained in Personality Development, Communication Skills and The English Language!

Brands Academy 2011 declares, The Personality School,
"The Best Personality Development Centre" in Maharashtra And Goa, Service Excellence Awards 2011.
The Director, Mr. Gautam Garry Guptaa Receives Award From Mr. Chetan Bhagat, Author Of The Book, "One Night In The Call Center", August 27th 2011 At Hotel Holiday Inn, Mumbai.

Gautam Garry Guptaa, Interview After Receiving the Awards.
Question asked, "What do awards mean to you?"
Garry Answered, "I strongly feel that awards are nothing but an endorsement of ones beliefs in his domain and that accolades further strengthen these beliefs that someone religiously practices."

Grand Convocation Ceremony on July 16, 2017
(The Personality Fest)

  • St. Andrews Auditorium ,Sun July 19,2015
  • Chief Guest Mr.Sandip Soparrkar
  • Chief Guest Ex.Mayor, Mumbai Mrs.Shraddha Jadhav
  • Chief Guest Princ.Rassaz Intl School Mrs.Seema Kshatriya
  • Chief Guest from Nana Chudasama
  • Chief Guest Mrs.Jayanthi Molly & Mr.Ramanna Devadiga LCC,Mumbai Chairman
  • Chief Guest Ms.Sheila Bijoor Retd.Sr.Depty Hr Indian Oil
  • Chief Guest & Audience
  • Chief Guest & Audience
  • Gautam Garry Gupta receiving the token of Service Excellence Retd.Sr B.A.R.C Mr. R.K.Gupta
  • Compère & Trainer Seaan Mr.Aneesh Shetty
  • Audience
  • Student Ms.Tia Asher answering the question
  • Student Mr.Anirudhi Rai answering the Q's
  • Student Mrs.Neha Sahani
  • Student Mr.Mohnish Shetty
  • Students
  • Trainer Mrs.Shabnam Vohra & Student Master Laksha Rohara
  • Student Mr.Vishal Dighe
  • Student Mr.Romil Golani receiving 'Best Student of Year Award'
  • Student Master. Aniruddha Tandel
  • Student Mr.Aayush Ravichandran
  • Student Mr.Aniruddhi Rai
  • Student Devy Vishal
  • Student Ms.Roshani Dobariya
  • Student
  • Ms.Shraddha Bijoor
  • The Youngest & The Oldest Student Mr.K.Narayanan & Mas.Melvin Matchavel
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa addressing Mr.K.Narayanan Sr.Student
  • Students
  • Student Dr.Sonia Pradhan
  • Students Nicole Thomas, Oliva Pinto & Sapna Lote
  • Students
  • Trainer Ms.Ajita Sharma & Student Mr.Arvind Jain
  • Student Melvin Matchavel & with Mom & Sister
  • Students Oliva Pinto & Sapna Lote
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa & Sr.Former Faculty Mr.Rasid Merchant
  • Students
  • Student Mr.Winston Kurien
  • Student Mr.Ankit Shetty
  • Student Mr.Aarjav Ajmera
  • Student Mr.Abhisek Chibber
  • Student Mr.Janak Rathod
  • Student Mr.Drish Hansrajani
  • Student Mr.Aagam.Jain
  • Trainer Ms.Sangeeta Bhatia
  • Student Mr.Manak Gaur
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa addressing the Parents
  • Student Master.Roshan Sambhi
  • Students
  • Students
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa Questioning the group
  • Student Mr.Pawan Bhise answering the question
  • Students
  • Student Mr.Prasad Rane handshaking with Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa
  • Student Ms.Shamika Girkar Handshaking with Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa
  • Student Ms.Nidhi Makwana
  • Student Mr.Karan Dharamshil Handshaking with Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa
  • Student Mr.Arvind Vishwakarma
  • Student Mr.Sunny Talreja
  • Students & Trainer Dancing
  • Actor Mr.Lokesh apprecating Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa's Skills efforts & Knowledge.
  • Students & Trainer Dancing & Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa singing
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa Student Mr.K.Narayanan,Trainer Monica Uberio
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa singing
  • Student Ashwariya Calligrapher & Trainers dancing
  • Students & Trainer Dancing & Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa singing
  • Student & Trainers dancing
  • Student Ms.Eshe Asurani & her mom dancing
  • Student Mrs.Dr.Yogita Shendge
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa addressing the Parents
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa addressing the Parents
  • Mr.Gautam Garry Guptaa addressing the Parents
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  • Student Mrs.Riya Sawant
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Grooming Consultant - Zodiac Shirts (32 MBA Colleges across India)

Mentor - Success - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Personality Expert - The Garry Gucci Personality Development Show (CT Buzz , TV Channel)

Speaker, Chief Guest, Rotary Club (Worli Seaface, Mumbai)

Communications Guru - Red FM 93.5, Mumbai
Without effective presentation, skill is an uncut diamond!

Gautam Garry Guptaa, an award – winning, internationally experienced communications specialist, has been Director, The Personality School, Mumbai since 1993. He offers consulting, coaching and customized training services. His areas of expertise include speaking and presentation skills, multicultural communication, business etiquette, call center training, customer service and professional communication. He is a certified expert in corporate etiquette and international protocol as well. [read more]

Gautam Garry Guptaa eats, breathes and drinks a certain philosophy of life, a life that differentiates the meaning between living and existing, a life that explains the relationship between success and completeness, a life that helps oneself transform into a wholesome individual. 

Given below are some of the topics that Gautam addresses, (he has done approximately 500 shows for various banks, hotels, educational institutions and corporate companies, worldwide), the duration for these shows range anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours, depending on time availability and the type of event.


  • Here Gautam describes the path to success in a very clear, easy and interesting manner. He takes you into a journey through the 10 C’S of success, the 1st C being Clarity and the last C being Confidence.

    ICICI Lombard Event,
    Tivoli gardens, New Delhi.
  • Here Gautam describes the importance of the 1st Four Seconds when you meet with someone and how the longevity of this relationship between this new person and you can be measured, depending on the 1st Four Seconds of how you came across.

    Bharti Axa Event - 2009
    Intercontinental The Lalit, Mumbai.
  • Here Gautam talks about the negativity of the word “NO” and the repercussions it can have on one’s rate of success. He very strongly suggests the abandoning of the word “NO” and how it can close all the doors of opportunity, as “NO” is nothing but a dead end.

  • Here Gautam talks about the biggest gift given to mankind in abundance is the gift of life. He, very amicably brings out the difference between LIVING and EXISTING. Most of us exist but not live. Through the Gita, Gautam reaffirms the belief to seek peace from inside yourself, do what work is yours and wonder at the mysteries of the universe.

  • All gigs are performed by Gautam Garry Guptaa, Director – The Personality School, Author of the book “ The First Four Seconds” who has changed the lives of 39,000 students and enhanced productivity of more than 200 Corporate Companies, such as TCS, AIR INDIA, JET AIRWAYS, THE TIMES OF INDIA etc. He firmly believes that


For Instant Positive Noticeable Results
Call: 098211-23216

Can hold Motivational Speeches in the following Languages:
English & Hindi- extremely fluent
Punjabi - can speak very well.

Duration: 90 to 180 Minutes

Ideal For: All Managerial Staff,Students, housewives, Office Staff,Sales Staff, Admin Staff,Factory Workers, Sub Staff (In short – For every person whose age is more than 15)

Benefits for Company:Productivity, Performance, Commitment,Loyalty, Team Work etc.

Benefits for Individuals:Success, A More Beautiful Image, how to lead a full life, Positive Attitude,Low Stress, High Self-esteem, Interpersonal Relations, etc

Clients Include:TCS,ICICI Lombard,BASF,Bharti AXA, Mercedes Benz, Eicher, Indian Merchant’s Chamber, American Express Bank, The Times of India, Jet Airways, Air India,Mahindra & Mahindra, Castrol, Exxon Mobil etc. [more clients]

Some of the seminars and workshops that Garry conducts on various topics are Personality Enhancement, Success – The Recipe, Selling Skills, Time Management, Public Speaking, Business Etiquette.

A talk on personality enhancement Rotary Club of Bombay

A Training Program on
"Selling for Success"

Garry demonstrates the relevance of a hand- shake in a corporate program on business etiquette.


With a natural flair for speech, Gautam has staged many shows as an anchor and an MC (Master of Ceremony).  He has a very distinct way of speaking (in both English and Hindi, whenever required) and has a very humorous approach to saying things which comes very naturally and has become a way of life with him.


Along with his band of six accompanists, Gautam performs a musical extravaganza, of Hindi film, Punjabi and Rajasthani folk music, a 2 hour medley, an absolute treat, almost a catharsis for an audience looking forward to a great evening filled with melody, rhythm  and a  soulful voice.[read more]


Gautam walks, talks, and breathes being funny. A well written   script in   Hindi and English with an innate   talent   to make people laugh is what you get to see   in Gautams   Stand-Up Act which usually lasts anything between   30- 45 minutes  and people are usually in splits in the first 15 minutes itself.

Benefits for Individuals / Students

  1. Confidence Building
  2. Excellence in handling Interviews / G.D / Debates.
  3. Stage Persona - Tackling Stage Fright
  4. Personality Development
  5. Verbal Communication - Speaking in English fluently with style and finesse.

Training Programs for Corporate Sector

  1. Personality Enhancement - How to increase your rate of marketability
  2. Grooming for Success
  3. Selling Skills to be super acheiver
  4. How to overcome stage fright
A look at the "Book Launch" and
Some of the Seminars conducted by Gautam Garry Guptaa.
Motivational Speaker

Learn English Fluently

Foreign Languages

Private Courses

Group Classes

Flexible Timing

Call Centre Training

Personality Development

Business English

Public Speaking

Corporate Training Programme

Garry speaks at The Oxford Book store
on "Communication" Excertpts taken from his book
"The 1st 4 Seconds"

Garry with Chief Guest Kunika Lal

Garry with Sr. Vice President, Mr. T. J. Mody, Kunika, Nandita Puri (Author) & editor of the book Archana Raghuram

A short ballet on the 1st 4 seconds, performed by the Sandeep Suparkar Dance Troupe

People at the launch.

Students of The Personality Development Course
Different batches - Various locations all over Mumbai

Dadar - May 2010 Batch

Some of the Best students

Bandra - June 2010 Batch

A Batch of the Finishing School held

by Garry for upcoming Models

Garry with some of the extremely enthusiastic students of the afternoon batch of The Personality Development Course (July 2010)

South Mumbai Batch – April 2009

Great batch – tremendous willingness to learn

Best speeches – May 2009

Chembur batch

Catalogue picture

Bandra batch - 2008

Garry’s favourite students

Call Now: 098211-23216
Email: garygucci2000@hotmail.com

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